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We believe, that in life, all things are ultimately connected. Most often we merely stumble across a connection - and even then, pass it off as chance, coincidence, or even worse, completely miss it all together. But there is a way you can learn to look for them and "see" beyond the surface level, and like magic, the connections begin to appear.

If we apply this process to business, there is a specific and creative method of thinking we employ to discover these connections and apply them in a way that can elevate every touch point of a brand. Your brand. It transforms and elevates the way companies develop processes, strategies, products and services.

This process is what BradfordLawton calls Connective Thinking™. It creates opportunity from a different point of view. Paths to deeper, more vibrant solutions are revealed. It focuses on visualizing the connections between what is desirable and what is possible. It empowers people from every discipline within an organization to approach problem solving from a different, more creative perspective.

In conventional problem solving, we are trained to think in a very logical, linear and sequential fashion. Connective Thinking™ frees us from those constraints. It, instead, relies on our intuitive abilities to approach idea generation from a more visual and emotional standpoint. Simply put, it uncovers the essence of what connects us all.

Running an organization using only the right brain attributes of feeling, intuition, and inspiration alone is not practical or recommended. But expecting the left brain’s rational, linear, analytical approach to do it all can be just as unproductive. Connective Thinking™ utilizes the best of both by spanning the gap between the hemispheres of the human brain.

Armed with this ability, companies become stronger and more profitable because the results are strategies created from a different, more honest and impactful viewpoint. They are able to witness the realization of innovative ideas and actionable, effective and viable solutions that set them apart from others in the marketplace. They are connected.

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