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We've built a firm that takes very seriously its responsibility to help make your company what it deserves to be. We do this not only with a broad sense of Corporate Strategy, but also with tactical deliverables. Image Architecture is more than the common reference to "branding." We look at every aspect of your business. From what people see when they walk in your door to how you describe your business to what people see when they walk in the door to how your phones are answered. Because your image is a comprehensive reflection of who you are, we make it our business to align every impression you make so that it supports your strategic vision. Everyone knows what advertising is, so we use this as a descriptor. But these days, advertising is far more than traditional media-driven communications. Social and all electronic media, environmental communications, guerilla marketing and more have expanded the scope of what is characterized as advertising and has blurred the line between paid media and earned media. Opportunities to build your own media channels exist in a way never seen before and we incorporate all avenues into the plans we create. So advertising is also aligned with strategy. All works together. All supported by BradfordLawton.


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